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Kozackie popisy na niebie...

Halman • 2021-11-01, 13:38

ale lądowanie przekozackie... :krejzi:


2021-11-01, 13:42
To chyba gdzies niedaleko bo na końcu coś mówił o mojej sąsiadce.


2021-11-01, 14:01
Kozacko zaj***ł w glebę.


2021-11-01, 16:36
j***ł rusek tatarzyna a ten dalej za.....


2021-11-01, 16:45
Kamerzystę - beatyfikować.


2021-11-01, 17:26
Ładnie trafił w pas.


2021-11-02, 10:25
Argentyna wczoraj, ładnie zaj***ł.


NOVEMBER 01, 2021
The injured people were referred to Córdoba after the fall of a plane
The pilot of the aircraft, Fernando Endrigo, was in a delicate condition. The woman and her daughter, who were affected, were admitted to intensive care, with favorable evolution. They investigate what happened.

The three people who were injured on Saturday afternoon in Villa General Belgrano, due to the fall of a plane, were referred to the city of Córdoba with serious injuries. The pilot was the one with the most critical condition, as described by the doctors who provided the first assistance in the Calamuchita Valley.

In addition to Fernando Endrigo (35), a native of Buenos Aires, Yésica Acuña (27) and Isabella, her 3-year-old daughter, were affected. The mother and the girl were in the area where the aircraft crashed.

From Saturday night, the Transportation Safety Board began an investigation through the Córdoba headquarters to determine the causes of the plane crash.

Party with riocuartenses

The accident occurred when two planes performed stunts for the wedding of the well-known Rio Cuartense pilot, Diego Cerioni.

Guests from Río Cuarto and towns in the region, such as San Basilio, partic**ated in the celebration.

While the air show was taking place, in the surroundings of the Aero Club of Villa General Belgrano the neighbors recorded the maneuvers with cell phones.

In a turn, the Rans aircraft, registration LV-X571, piloted by Endrigo, stalled and fell on one of the side streets of the property.

At 7:20 p.m. they learned of the incident at the local Volunteer Fire Department.